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Download this app from Microsoft Store for. and compare ratings for Netflix. you can watch those very same episodes on the website via your browser with.The Post-Play feature cues up the next episode of a TV series for you to watch.Other people who are on your WiFi can control your Chromecast.Casting a Tab explains how to cast an entire tab of Chrome onto your TV.

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Netflix is top of mind for anyone purchasing a streaming media device like Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku.

Many modern smart TVs have support for the Chromecast-like DIAL protocol built in.Share this: Elise is a Chromecast expert and author of this help page.Lastly your next update should be more user friendly by making the connect disconnect button on the first screen instead of finding it in the menu saving time and unnecessary steps Full Review Andres Zaragoza July 10, 2017 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OPTIMIZE FOR THE GS8.If you plan to cast a tab to your Chromecast to watch video on TV, review the Minimum System Requirements to ensure that your computer and network are capable of supporting this.When I try to stream Netflix to my tv via my Chromecast it says it is closing my Netflix and then nothing streams.

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Chromecast is controlled via your smartphone or tablet, via apps that are enabled to send to the Chromecast device.

We tell you here how Netflix movies can be streamed via Google Chromecast on your TV at home.Open up a Chromecast-enabled site like or this article to learn about Netflix features and how to set up and sign out of your account.From an iOS device, you can watch Netflix and YouTube via the Chromecast. google chromecast To set up chromecast using your windows computer:.

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Full Review Brett Parkin July 10, 2017 Having problems with audio cut outs while screen mirroring.

Using the Chromecast app for Android on your phone or tablet:.Netflix, or even the chrome cast app itself, will see the device.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with Apple, Netflix, and Google trying to resolve a problem that occurs while trying to cast the Netflix app.Full Review William Steele July 10, 2017 Google, please follow your own guidelines and update the change log.I really like using my cell phone as a remote control for my Chromecast but I do not like that it affects the content.

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Please add the feature to stop casting after a certain amount of time, like in Play Music.

The app works better on my 4 year old iPhone than on Googles own OS.This quickly went from 5 stars to lucky it got 3 for the tablet.Netflix Post-Play compatibility has been added to the Chromecast in a software update.

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Important note on audio: Note that you can only cast your desktop audio from Windows.

This app should be a fallback to control the current stream and playback volume.

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Full Review Dan K July 12, 2017 I use the Chromecast Audio driver and have no issues with that.The Cast button will automatically appear in your Chrome toolbar and turn blue.

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Completely worthless Full Review Rob Kirk July 10, 2017 Canadian version lagging behind for functionality unknown reasons, Google stumped by the invisible line.My Chromecast audio device does not work like the Chromecast video device that comes in The Identical type Packaging.

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