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I have been using the (Cisco)Linksys AE3000 wireless adapter with this gateway for almost two years and I have never had problem.It would be nice just to have an all-in-one if it has the performance.Start the process to setup a wireless profile to connect to a wireless nerwork.

I would like to use my Linksys E3200 wireless router instead of the Arris TG862 gateway.If you do NOT have Comcast Phone or want to get rid of Comcast Phone.View and Download Motorola ARRIS SBG6782-AC user manual online.I currently have the Comcast installed model Arris 862 modem.Find best value and selection for your ARRIS TM722G CT Cable Modem LINKSYS WRT54G wireless router search on eBay.Having the same issue, connects to wireless but internet access fails.

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DB:3.36:Not Receiving High Speed Internet Since Receiving Arris Tg862 Modem df.I have ssh enabled and sometimes is works, other times it does not.I have port forwarding set up and can access my web server on my home network via the IP address.I changed my router to bridge mode and now I cant login into it.I have 2 laptops running Snow Leopard which connect to the internet through the TG862 with no problems.

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I was thinking of trying one of those plug outlet wifi extenders from dlink or netgear.My solution to the Wifi performance issue is almost the same as yours.This will disable the wirelss and router functions, but leave the telephony working.

Specifically, the TG862 is known to have firmware issues (see Comcast supported modems), but beyond that, no wireless gateway tends to do very well in terms of router functionality.My iPhone 4 worked great through the Arris TG862 WiFi router for about 2 weeks, then suddenly stopped working yesterday.FWIW, they disconnected that number many months ago and MattV hardly ever lurks here anymore.I just started using the Arris TG862 gateway, and I was wondering what it means when the wifi light blinks.And up until yesterday when I reinstalled the Airport, I had 2 network showing up when I scanned which made me think the Arris wifi was still active.I have all the settings at the bottom of my aris router and nothing works.

Had no problem in the past with but todayvideos are choppy (start and stop) which I assumeis a (streaming)buffering issue.Buy your own high quality router so you have control over your own network including all firmware upgrades and do not have to rely on Comcast crippled firmware.Search the thread and you will see that the 862 has been waiting for a update to fix some known problems for close to 9 months now.The only service 1-800-XFINITY seems able to render is putting me on hold and dropping me minutes later.Is there something that I can do to correct this or am I just SOL.If you have not changed any settings it should be broadcasting.

I had a 5 year old modem (sorry forgot model number and make) that I used and then used Cisco Valet Plus for wireless devices.I just got this same modem to use with my Xfinity service and my Apple Time Capsule (the tower).

Because you are trying to route to your external ip from within your network it may not work.Several options including manual and channel selection are now displayed and can be changed.They have already replaced one and now have problems with the second one.The sound is repeated on a regular basis- almost every 30 seconds.

I did not trouble shoot this enough to determine if IPv6 routing was at the heart of the issue.When I move my laptop down to the first floor, it gets even worse.Have theArris TG862 and wifi doesnt show up on an ipod in another room.The WiFi desktop shows up as being a connected device ( on the network via the TG862 utility ( accessed through a different wired desktop, and it also shows up on the wired desktop as being a shared device.Whever there is a feature that starts with the word Managed, such as Managed Sites, make sure that feature is Disabled.I have read other posts regarding this issue, appears suggestions are to use a wired connection.She turned the WI FI to the modem off, and the light went off.DB:3.10:Re: Configuring Airport Extreme To Manage Dhcp, Not Xfinity Arris Tg862 jd.

The printer worked with xfinity when I used my own wireless router but they brought this thing and no luck.I drove to my local Comcast Service Center, explained my predicament and was issued a SMC SMCD3GNV Gateway (this is apparantly the gateway issued to those who sign up for a land line (whatever that is) along with cable and internet.

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I got a notice from Comcast saying I needed new equipment and how to order it.

I am trying to connect a desktop computer (Mac running Snow Leopard) to the internet using WiFi with a Rosewill xxxx USB WiF radio.DB:3.79:No More Airtunes After Cable Guy Installed Arris Tg862 - Help aa.When we first got Comcast we had problems accessing the internet with our Apple devices.Wireless guy or anyone who is running the combination above, I would like you to try something simple to see if you get the same results.I am having the same issue, its fine for about a month then it stops working, i have gone threw 3 routers with comcast now, works fine for a month then the wifi ability stops working and they want to charge me to talk to someone to fix it, get a new router, works fine again for a month, anyone sniffing a scam here, i think its time to switch carriers.Networking and Wi-Fi Reviews Best Routers Buying Guide. Overall. 802.11ac. 802.11n. Cheap. Arris SurfBoard SBR-AC3200P Wi-Fi Router.

Signal problems can cause this -- please see Connection Troubleshooting Tips.If you want to control your own network as you describe, your best approach would be to purchase your own router, and call Comcast to have the TG862 placed in full bridge mode.I suspect I may have an issue with it and wanted to test it out.

Also, if the battery is indeed installed, make sure that the contacts are clean and that it is firmly seated.It did that ok since I got the promotional offer 10 months ago.

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