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The Tek-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.I turned the laptop on, open the VPN client and tried to connect, and recieved the error we are talking about.Updated: February 1, 2011. Assign IP addresses to the remote VPN client connection.The certificate associated with this Connection Entry no longer.

Connect to a Cisco VPN. be imported into the Cisco VPN client that defines how to connect to the.

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The best solution is to keep backup copies of your.pcf files or update the broken pcf file with information from another pcf file.Cisco is aware of the issue and are targetting an upcoming release with a fix from what I understand.She connects via mobile internet USB dongle (before used to work).

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I work for a company supporting about 200 laptops, and I too have been having this issue on a number of them.Typing in the info immediately restores function and clients can then connect.

You could deploy a small script file written in VBS or scripting language of your choice that runs at startup on the machine, compares the file size of the current pcf file, and if it is not correct, replaces it with a known good file.This workaround makes perfect sense and I am going to at least have the config file available so I can apply it more quickly on demand.

You will see that the VPN connection entry was successfully imported per.I work for a company supporting just over 2,000 users running a custom windows xp image that is the same across all machines and we have this exact same issue.The issue was that the pcf connections I have were all working fine, but the information in those files could not be viewed.Does this only happen on laptops or anyone configured to connect to said VPN.

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Blows out when the system shuts down wrong or the client is forced closed.

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This is because when the Cisco VPN Client receives a connection request,.This document describes how to configure the Cisco VPN Client to.

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Completely Remove Cisco VPN Client and DNE Update if installed. Reboot, Launch Cisco VPN Client and connect.

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I just tell my people how to get in and fix it themselves but I like the read only idea on the file.The connection entry name, description and transport type all survive.Home Forums Data Transmission Data Transmissions Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Forum.

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Sign up for YouTube Red by July 4th for uninterrupted music and videos all summer.I guess you could even have a running process that checked every 5 minutes or so for the same thing, however no matter how you do it, its a potential work around.We use certs and sometimes the host name will be lost and the authentication will switch to use IPsec group.How to Configure a Cisco Vpn. wiki How to Configure a Cisco Vpn.

ERROR 31: VPN Client : The certificate associated with

Installing VPN IPSec client on. which is the Cisco VPN client for Windows.

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I just wanted to comment that I have recently deployed a Cisco ASA-5510 for VPN use and have heard this problem reported by 2 users.The circumstance(s) is not known, but re-entering the address is required.On one user I had created a backup profile just in case one got corrupted and low and behold thier system BSOD and on reboot both profiles had thier host info removed.However, the Host address (or IP), the group name, and the group password (and confirmation) are all gone.I downloaded the cisco Beta version. VPN error report 402. By. Reason 402 The Connection Manager was unable to read the connection entry or the connection.

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